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So...back in the dark ages of the World Wide Web in 1997, when this site was born, there were approximately 250,000 hits for "Shakespeare" on the search engines (which included sites like Alta Vista and Northern Light, but not yet Google or Bing). There was barely any audio or video to be found, and words like "blog" and "podcast" hadn't entered the lexicon.

A couple of decades later, and the Web has millions of pages, including audiovisual material that used to be a pipe dream before broadband. With increased speed and access, there are now more ways than ever to enjoy and learn about Shakespeare on the Internet. You'll find here links to the best blogs and podcasts covering the Bard's life, works, and history.

Blog Links

Before Shakespeare
Before Shakespeare explores the early history of English public playhouses.
Bell Shakespeare Blog
Using Shakespeare's universal insights to bring inspiration and truth to minds living in an uncertain world.
Blogging Shakespeare
Embracing Shakespearian conversation in a digital age, courtesy of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.
Clamorous Voice
Dr Sophie Duncan, theatre historian and literary critic, specializes in literature and drama from the Renaissance to the present.
Good Tickle Brain
A mostly Shakespeare webcomic and blog.
No Sweat Shakespeare: Blogging Shakespeare
Fun and quirky blog posts on Shakespeare, the No Sweat Shakespeare blog gives you the lowdown on Shakespeare with an interesting take on various topics.
The Shakespeare blog: In Shakespeare's footsteps
The Shakespeare blog contains up to date articles about Shakespeare's works, his world, and his plays in performance.
Shakespeare in Ireland
Shakespeare in Ireland blog draws together academic events, plays and research in early modern literature across the island of Ireland.
Shakespeare Geek, The Original Shakespeare Blog
The original Shakespeare blog, Shakespeare Geek. Over three thousand posts over thirteen years covering all things Shakespeare.
Shakespeare's Globe: Blogs & Features
Explore fascinating, vital and personal stories from Shakespeare’s Globe.
The Shakespeare Standard
News about William Shakespeare online. Get the latest news and updates on scholarship, performance, education, music, and language.
The Shakespearean Student
For Shakespeare lovers of any age.

Podcast Links

Approaching Shakespeare
Each lecture in this University of Oxford series focuses on a single play by Shakespeare, and employs a range of different approaches to try to understand a central critical question about it.
BardCast: The Shakespeare Podcast
A scattershot podcast about William Shakespeare and his works.
In Your Ear Shakespeare
With passionate insight and fearless examination, In Your Ear Shakespeare offers the works of William Shakespeare in the spirit for which they were originally intended – as entertainment for a diverse and current audience.
Let's Talk Shakespeare Podcast
Let's Talk Shakespeare is a ten-part podcast series by the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust exploring some of the frequently asked questions about Shakespeare's life.
Much Ado About Shakespeare
The Royal Shakespeare Company presents a series of podcasts exploring our enduring fascination with Shakespeare.
My Own Shakespeare
The BBC presents a series of short podcasts in which public figures talk about the piece of Shakespeare that inspires them most.
No Holds Bard
The Shakespeare podcast Shakespeare would have listened to. hosted by Dan Beaulieu and Kevin Condardo of Seven Stages Shakespeare Company in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.
Party Bard: A Shakespeare Podcast
Shakespeare uber-nerds Molly Booth and Jack Rossiter-Munley like to talk about the Bard. A lot. And they are bringing their party to you! New episodes post every other Wednesday. Podcast
Listen to amazing people and events by subscribing to the podcast.
Shakespeare Unlimited
In the Folger's Shakespeare Unlimited podcast, Shakespeare opens a window into topics ranging from the American West, to the real history of Elizabethan street fighting, to interviews with Shakespearean stars.
Shakespeare's Restless World
Sponsored by the British Museum, Neil MacGregor uncovers the stories twenty objects tell us about Shakespeare's world.
That Shakespeare Life
Cassidy Cash goes behind the curtain and into the real life and history of William Shakespeare with the experts who know him best.