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How do I cite the SRC? (MLA style)

If you need to cite the SRC, the editor/author's name is J. M. Pressley for any and all references. Not that I'm encouraging citing the SRC, as the content isn't meant to be primary source material, but I've given up trying to convince people not to do it.

Keep in mind that in citing the SRC (or any other Web source) for a paper, you should try to include as much information about individual pages as possible. Author name, page title, website title, and the URL of the page. For instance, if you wanted to cite the Shakespeare biography, it should look something like this:

Pressley, J. M. "Shakespeare's Biography." Shakespeare Resource Center,

Some teachers or styles may dictate that you add the date you accessed the page at the end of the citation, e.g. "Accessed MM/DD/YYYY" or some equivalent.

For more information on citations, take a look at some more examples.