About the SRC

Most of the questions I've gotten over the years have been, to one degree or the other, concerning Shakespeare and his works. Not altogether surprising, given that it's a site about Shakespeare. However, there have been enough personal or site-related questions over the years that it seemed reasonable to put together a page with some of the more useful information about the SRC.

About the Author/Editor
J. M. Pressley has a B.F.A. in Theatre Arts and an M.A. in Writing, both from DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois. He has been the author, designer, content editor, and webmaster of the Shakespeare Resource Center since its inception in 1997. He lives in northern Illinois and finds time to maintain a website on weekends and in the groggy hours between work and sleep.
About the Site
The original concept was an assignment that I had to do for a class in technical writing at DePaul University, where I pursued my Masters degree. I wanted to create a site that more or less centralized the most useful links on Shakespeare around the World Wide Web. It took a lot of work, and I couldn't let it go, so I've kept on revising it ever since (when I've found the time).
How Do I Cite the SRC? (MLA Style)
There is a citation example on the copyright page. There's also a link to some other citation examples elsewhere on the Web.
How Do I Contact the SRC?
There is a contact page with a form that e-mails the webmaster. It's a quick and painless process.
Can I Support the SRC?
Yes. Click on the "PayPal Donation" button at the left of the page. Nobody has to give a dime (which is why it's called "giving"), and there is no minimum to donate, should you choose to do so. PayPal handles the whole transaction quickly and securely over the Web. You can also buy something on Amazon through links on the site, which gives us a small commission on each sale.
All proceeds—I can't stress this enough—from donations or commissions go entirely toward the cost of hosting and maintaining the site. The benefit of this arrangement is that I can keep to a minimum advertising and the other bothersome visual clutter that has become associated with the World Wide Web.
Is the SRC and/or the bardweb.net domain for sale?
Not at this time.