Top 10 Plays Shakespeare
Chose not to Publish

Sure, everyone knows about the "lost" plays that Shakespeare was supposed to have written, such as Cardenio or Love's Labour's Won. The Shakespeare Resource Center, however, has uncovered a stunning list published by Philip Henslowe that was lost to history until recently turning up in a dustbin in the National Archives of the United Kingdom. Apparently, Shakespeare had a handful of other plays that never even saw the printing press.

10) Henry VIII, I Am, I Am

9) Much Ado About That Thing You Do

8) Twelfth Night, Children Stay Free

7) Love's Finger Pull'd

6) Om'let

5) Six Degrees of Francis Bacon

4) A Midsummer Night's Nocturnal Emission

3) The Good Fellow from Nantucket

2) Felines

1) Romeo and Mercutio