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Whether for auditions or exercises, actors are always looking for Shakespearean scenes and monologues. Several sites out there on the Web have gone to the trouble of compiling them.

A few tips for the aspiring Shakespearean actor:

  • Select a monologue that is appropriate for you (age range, gender, character type, genre, etc.).
  • Take the time to study not just the monologue or scene, but the entire play from which it's taken.
  • Know your material inside and out. Every omitted, mispronounced, or ambiguous word will give the casting people a reason not to cast you.
  • When performing verse speech, let the meter work for you. Rhythm is especially important in Shakespeare. And don't rush it.
  • A little subtlety goes a long way. Don't overdo the material.
  • When in doubt, go with fresh material. An overdone monologue makes it that much harder to differentiate yourself and that much easier for the casting people to tune you out.
  • Unless specifically asked to do it, be wary of performing a monologue from the play for which you're auditioning.

Scenes and Monologues Links

Ace Your Audition: Shakespeare Monologues's small but useful collection of Shakespearean monologues for men and women.
Acting School Stop: Shakespeare Monologues provides links and resources to students seeking acting schools and classes. has dozens of Shakespeare monologes in both drama and comedy categories. They also have tons of other free monologues. Find one for an audition or even for research.
Actorama, a social and business networking site for actors and other entertainment professionals, offers a wide variety of searchable monologues and scenes, including nearly 300 from Shakspeare's works.
Monologue Archive
Shakespearean monologues and related links from an Internet archive site. Bare-bone design, but useful.
Overdone Monologues
From, because when you're auditioning, you want to stand out from the crowd. Includes lists of overdone Shakespeare monologues for men and women.
Play Shakespeare
Play Shakespeare is an online collection of free Shakespeare resources, including several collections of monologues (for men and women) and scenes (for men, women, and mixed).
Shakespeare's Monologues
This searchable site is one of the few monologue resources on the Internet dedicated solely to Shakespeare's works. It includes handy printable PDF documents as well.
Shakespearean Monologues for Teens
Bottle Tree productions presents a selection of Shakespearean monologues suitable for teens and young adults with analysis and performance tips.
TheatreFolks: Performing Shakespeare Monologues
This is a really good, practical look at how to prepare and perform a Shakespearean monologue. Shakespeare Monologues
A small collection of the Bard's monologues from
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