May, 2011

Shakespeare Resource Center screen shot from May, 2011

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There's a funny thing about this website. It keeps outlasting the other things in my life. In the time that this site has been in existence, it has outlasted a wife, two pets, three homes, and three jobs. And in May of 2011, it decided to outlast the ISP that had been hosting since 1999.

I'm not one to change just for the sake of change. However, I began to suspect that something was happening with my Earthlink hosting. For one thing, I was noticing some server errors on my CGI scripts that had no good explanation. Then I started encountering some access errors while trying to make some routine updates.

Long story short, after a couple of passes at tech support, I started questioning why I was paying roughly the same amount I was paying for cell phone service to host Especially since by that time, I was hosting my personal website for less than a quarter of the monthly price of Earthlink hosting—and without any server issues.

So I learned about domain transfers in May of 2011. And, since it had been many years since the site had gotten a proper facelift, I created a new logo and restyled everything that I was going to have to upload to a new server anyway. Thanks to previous conversions to CSS stylesheets, it made for a much easier transition than it would have been otherwise. Between the transfer of service and the redesign, it basically took me a long weekend to get everything back up and running. Not too bad for nearly 150 pages.

It was during this period that I also started to slightly expand on the SRC content. There were a handful of new sections (Shakespeare News, Shakespeare's Poetry, and Scenes and Monologues) added to the site. There were also articles being published on Associated Content, which ultimately got bought out by Yahoo and changed to Yahoo Voices. It made for some nice pay-per-view revenue to supplement the income from Google AdSense and The nice thing is that I also retained publishing rights to those pieces, so if I ever need to port them into the SRC proper, there's no issue there.

By the way, the SRC celebrated birthday number 14 this year. It's also perennially in the top 15 results for most Shakespeare searches on Google. It's hard to believe that this started as a 10-page class project that wasn't meant to last longer than the end of a school term. But here we are in 2011.

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