June, 1999

Shakespeare Resource Center screen shot from June, 1999

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After realizing that the previous site design really wasn't doing it for me (or a number of the visitors), I made the decision to change back to more of a black-on-white design for legibility. I also figured that the tiny Times New Roman font had drawn enough complaints that it was time for a change there, too. Hence the move to Verdana, which is a decent enough font: it's widespread enough that most people have it on their system, and it's good and legible in the 9-12 pt. size range.

This would be the last design to incorporate frames. I know I got tired of the tradeoff between easy navigation and the inability to bookmark individual pages. Plus, half the people out there were linking to individual pages anyway and breaking the frames as a result. The best thing I can say about the "leaf" design was that it complemented an interview I had really well, and I think it did factor in the decision to make me an offer. So, after a Master's degree in writing and nine months of unemployment alternating with freelance gigs, I was again a Web professional. However, I wouldn't have guessed that I would wind up working for the Methodist Church. Such are the mysteries of life.

There weren't many pure content changes at this stage—after all, the man's been dead for 400 years, and most of my content is summary—but being two-plus years at the ~feiffor/bard/ address, I had actually started thinking about making the leap to a unique domain.

There weren't many notable life events at that time, aside from getting hired. However, a lot of the new things I had to learn as an organizational webmaster kept finding their way into the site, a trend which has continued into the present.

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