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# Word Part Definition shorten
to cast down
to blunt
2.ABATEMENTn.diminution protest; (n)disgust sojourn
to expiate uphold
6.ABRIDGEMENTn.a short play
7.ABROADadj.away, apart brook, abide
9.ABSEY-BOOKn.a primer
10.ABSOLUTEadj.positive, certain
Complete deceive
12.ABUSEn.deception expiate a fault
14.ABYSMn.abyss cite, summon
16.ACCUSEn.accusation obtain
18.ACKNOWNv."to be acknown" is to acknowledge
19.ACQUITTANCEn.a receipt or discharge
22.ADDITIONn.title, attribute prepare oneself
24.ADDRESSEDadj.prepared wonder prefer, promote to honour
29.ADVICEn.consideration, discretion
30.ADVISEv.sometimes neuter, sometimes reflective, to consider, reflect
32.ADVOCATIONn.pleading, advocacy
33.AFEAREDadj.afraid love
35.AFFEEREDadj.confirmed affiance
to trust front
38.AGAZEDadj.looking in amazement
39.AGLET-BABYn.the small figure engraved on a jewel acknowledge, confess
41.A-GOODadj.a good deal, plenteously
42.A-HOLDn.a sea-term
43.AIERIEn.the nest of a bird of prey
44.AIMn.a guess
45.ALDER-LIEFESTadj.most loved of all
46.ALEn.alehouse approve
49.AMES-ACEn.two aces, the lowest throw of the dice
50.AMORTadj.dead, dejected
51.ANprep.if once, right away anchorite, hermit ensign-bearer
55.ANGELn.a coin, so called because it bore the image of an angel night proclaim, make known
60.ANTICKn.the fool in the old plays
61.ANTREn.a cave
63.APPEALn.accusation accuse
65.APPEAREDv.made apparent
66.APPLE-JOHNn.a kind of apple
69.APPREHENSIVEadj.apt to apprehend or understand
71.APPROOFadj.approbation, proof prove
to justify, make good who proves or tries
75.ARGALn.a ridiculous word intended for the Latin ergo
78.ARGOSYn.originally a vessel of Ragusa or Ragosa, a Ragosine; hence any ship of burden
80.ARMIGEROn.a mistake for Armiger, the Latin for Esquire
81.AROINTv.found only in the imperative mood, get thee gone a row enter into articles of agreement
to exhibit in articles require
85.ASPECTadj.regard, looks
86.ASPERSIONn.sprinkling; hence blessing, because before the Reformation benediction was generally accompanied by the sprinkling of holy water
87.ASSAYn.attempt attempt, test, make proof of ass subjugate
91.ASSURANCEn.deed of assurance
92.ASSUREDv.betrothed atom (used in contempt of a small person) put people at one, to reconcile
to agree seize, lay hold on
96.ATTASKEDadj.taken to task, reprehended listen to
98.ATTENTadj.attentive agent employ as an agent
to perform by an agent
101.AUDACIOUSadj.spirited, daring, but without any note of blame attached to it
103.AUTHENTICadj.clothed with authority be gone, a word of abhorrence
105.AVEint.the Latin for hail; hence acclamation
106.AVE-MARYint.the angelic salutation addressed to the Blessed Virgin Mary
108.AVOIDv.get rid of
110.AWKWARDadj.contrary keep back
112.BACKWARDn.the hinder part; hence, when applied to time, the past embarrass
114.BALKEDadj.heaped, as on a ridge
115.BALLOWn.a cudgel
116.BALMn.the oil of consecration curse sail by the banks
120.BARNn.a child
121.BARNACLEn.a shellfish, supposed to produce the sea-bird of the same name
122.BASEn.a game, sometimes called Prisoners' base embroidered mantle worn by knights on horseback, and reaching from the middle to below the knees
124.BASILISKn.a kind of ordnance
126.BASTARDn.raisin wine flutter, as a hawk except
to abate
129.BAT-FOWLINGv.catching birds with a clap-net by night
130.BATLETn.a small bat, used for beating clothes
132.BAVINn.used as a piece of waste wood, applied contemptuously to anything worthless
133.BAWCOCKn.a fine fellow
135.BAYn.the space between the main timbers of the roof who bids bedes, that is, prays prayers for another
137.BEARING-CLOTHn.a rich cloth in which children were wrapped at their christening flutter as a falcon, to meditate, consider earnestly
139.BEAVERn.the lower part of a helmet
140.BEETLEn.a mallet
142.BEINGprep.since, inasmuch as
143.BELDAMn.a hag measure
145.BE-MOILEDadj.daubed with dirt
146.BENDINGadj.stooping under a weight
147.BENISONn.a blessing
148.BENVENUTOint.(Italian), welcome
149.BERGOMASKn.a rustic dance
150.BESHREWv.evil befal
151.BESTRAUGHTadj.distraught, distracted pour out
while there is still time
155.BEZONIANn.a beggarly fellow
157.BIGGENn.a night-cap
158.BILBERRYn.the whortleberry
159.BILBOn.a sword, from Bilboa, a town in Spain where they were made
160.BILBOESn.fetters or stocks
161.BILLn.a bill-hook, a weapon
162.BINv.been, are
163.BIRD-BOLTn.a bolt to be shot from a crossbow at birds
164.BIRDINGv.part. hawking at partridges
166.BLANKn.the white mark in the middle of a target; hence, metaphorically, that which is aimed at start aside, flinch
169.BLOOD-BOLTEREDadj.smeared with blood inflate make advances to; accost
172.BOBn.a blow, metaph. a sarcasm strike, metaph. to ridicule, or to obtain by raillery botch, bungle
175.BODIKINn.a corrupt word used as an oath. 'Od's Bodikin,' God's little Body
176.BODKINn.a sharp instrument to make holes by piercing
177.BOITIER box embolden
180.BOLTEDadj.sifted, refined
181.BOLTERn.a sieve
182.BOLTING-HUTCHn.a hutch in which meal was sifted
183.BOMBARDn.a barrel, a drunkard
185.BONA-ROBAn.a harlot
186.BONDn.that to which one is bound
187.BOOKn.a paper of conditions, use help, to avail
190.BOOTLESSadj.without boot or advantage, useless
191.BOOTSn.bots, a kind of worm
192.BOREn.calibre of a gun; hence, metaph. size, weight, importance
193.BOSKYadj.covered with underwood
194.BOSOMadj.close and affectionate
195.BOSOMn.wish, heart's desire
196.BOTSn.worms which infest horses
197.BOURNn.a limit, confine, or boundary
a brook
198.BRACEn.armour for the arm, state of defence
199.BRACHn.a hound bitch

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